Meet Chef Philly

Meet Chef Philly

Chef Philemon Mametja
(This picture was taken in the Mejejane Private Game Reserve in March 2020) 

Born in a village called Ga Masoma in Tzaneen, in the province of Limpopo, South Africa. Chef Philly decided to begin his Journey working in Kosher Catering. He started working at the Killarney Country Club from 1992 till 2006. Chef Philly started working for various Kosher Caterers in the South African Jewish Community over the last couple of years.

He travels all over Africa as a private chef specializing in Kosher Fine Dining Catering with a Kosher Supervisor (Mashgiach). Chef Philly has been working with our Chef Doron over the last couple of years together at the Passover Hotels. They have worked together at The Zimbali Passover Hotel in Kwazulu Natal and as well the Chabad South Africa Passover Retreat Hotels at Hunters Rest over the last 2 years.

Chef Philly has been working with Chef En Route’s Team for over 5 years now. We are so happy that Chef Philly Freelances for us as our Head Sous Chef. He knows how to control the kitchen so it can operate without any glitches or issues. Chef Philly knows Kosher extremely well and makes sure that his clients get the best kosher fine dining catering.


Questions we asked Chef Philly.

Q. What made you become a Kosher Chef?
A. At Killarney Country Club there were two kitchens, one non-kosher and one kosher kitchen. I started in the non-kosher. Sometimes I worked in a kosher kitchen for overtime when they were busy and the Caterer then liked the way I did my job so this is how I become a kosher chef.

Q. Why do you like Kosher?
A. I like Kosher because of religion and this is good for me because I’m a Christian.

Q. Do you travel a lot?
A. Yes, I travel a lot.





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